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Originally Posted by alexh
Because it's still a nice little earner. KS3.1 ROMS are still the no.1 upgrade for Amiga's and they get a license fee for each one (cept home burnt ones), they get a license fee from Cloanto (if not for each copy then a flat fee). As much as we'd like to think of the Amiga as being a hobby-ist free platform, to some it's still a buisness. Do you not think? I do, but then I iz stoopid

I dont think that anyone got into Amiga to make a quick buck, and if they did I think they had a big shock. This small but steady revenue stream is but one of the things (the others being patent revenue, Trademark licensing etc) that helps keep whomever owns Amiga copyrights going.
Must be extremely small considering I doubt Amigas are used outside of maybe a few video editing places or TV stations (not sure if TV Guide has switched hardware yet everywhere...)

Originally Posted by alexh
There will always be people who want something for nothing. And yes I was one of those people when I was a kid Do you not feel that there may be a *little* difference between the two? You cannot (necessarily) buy game x anywhere except maybe Ebay (and then the developers still dont get any money) however if you buy kickstart / AOS then at least someone gets paid and there is a *CHANCE* of it doing some good? Maybe I am an idealist.
Doubt you are doing any good by wasting money..If there was development of any kind or a future but the way it seems emulation is the only thing that's going on...

Originally Posted by alexh
If it is truely like that then I totally agree.... Hmmm I am wondering if you can sell an emulator without licensing the hardware? I bet that Toni couldnt sell WinUAE even if he wanted to without a license from Amiga / KMOS. Remember the Bleem / VGS stuff?
Should be no problem but I am not a legal expert...Personally I would require a fee for the distribution of ROMs with WinUAE....

Originally Posted by alexh
A quick search on google says "Copyrights after 1978 last for 95 years" so that's what 2080
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