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Sorry about my SNAP reply, but you must have known the answer to most of your questions before posting...... didnt you?

Was wondering why [KS isnt free], since AFAIK neither new software nor hardware is being produced...
Because a lot of hardwork went into creating the ROMS, people were paid to do it, and the company which paid for them (and subsequent companies which paid for the rights) want to make a profit on their investment.

Now of course it is illegal to copy those ROMs but it is also illegal to copy any other Amiga software regularly requested here unless the copyright holder permits distribution...
But as you know some hard working people in the Amiga community have managed to get a lot of the copyright holders to do just that (Back2roots).

Is it ethical to sell a product (and expect somebody to pay for) that is mainly used to run illegal copies of software from other companies ?
You are assuming that everyone does this and runs illegal copies of software. I am just pointing out that a lot of companies have released their software (back2roots), People have made legal backups of their own software (CAPS, WHDLoad). And a few people (like myself) dont want to play games, they just want to watch the demo's that were released.

Even if we assume that Cloanto or whoever uses the profits from the sales of ROM images to enhance future Amiga products (which are ?)
But you should know that Amiga / KMOS (who make profits from licensing KS) have made some attempt to make new products, (they did for a while?) pay for OS4 development at Hyperion, they paid for an office, salaries for several employees, sponsored shows etc. OK so it hasnt worked out but that was always a possibility.

You KNOW why the owners to the rights of AmigaOS (Kickstart) wont release it. I dont understand why you started this thread?

The only interesting bit was

[Cloanto] rely on WinUAE or other emulators...Do they support those projects financially from sales ?
I've always wondered that, ask Toni? They also include WinFellow etc. That aside they DID pay for the development of AmiExplorer which is a great bit of software. An alternative to AmigaSamba / PC2Amiga for transferring files to and from the Amiga. The only option for Vanilla 2Mb Amiga's with Network cards.
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