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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
This is bad news indeed. If EA gets too big, they will then be in a position to start dictating lower salaries for their workers because they will have nowhere else to go.
How big does big have to be?

Microsoft big?

You don't see Microsoft employees moaning about salaries.

It's not like EA can get so big they can dominate the whole games market. Games are not like OS's. No matter how good the game, after a few months most people move onto another one. There is no loyalty to games companies - maybe to games series.

EA is giving Joe Public what Joe Public wants (as you stated). EA (or any business) would be stupid not to give the customer what he wants - "who cares about satisfying the needs of 50,000 Role-Players when we can satisfy the needs of 1,000,000 football game players?".

And also EA must know if they pay there employees too little they may end up getting pissed off and forever producing crap unoriginal games.....oh.....this already happened !!!
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