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Originally Posted by Jim
If they don't like working for EA they should leave.

They might complain about working 80 hours a week, but let's face it they don't get paid a bad salary.

In many poorer countries of the world (South America, Eastern Europe, China, Africa) those who are lucky enough to have jobs and are not begging can be forced into working long hours for a pittance compared to these salaries.

I was working in software development so know what these hours can be like, but then again I also know what having/spending the money was like.
Well, I am sure we are all glad not to live in those countries and having to suffer the economic climate. That much said, I think that while you have a valid point, many employees at EA might not have the luxury to quit because they have a family and kids. Of course software development can put a strain on relationships but the way it is described there and in other similar stories just gives the impression that whoever is in cahrge is either incopetent or ignorant....Pushing people all the time only tires them and leads to a decrease in quality...A push in the end or when required is a good thing but just a push to push ? Sound almost like the boss from Dilbert is in charge...
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