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Larry Laffer
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I have:

Casemodded by a butcher, it's in really bad condition right now. There's two diskdrives and a couple extra mb's ram installed.

A2000 (it died couple days ago)
Two harddrives, two diskdrives, kickstart 2.0, 2mb fast, 1mb chip, Apollo 2030 (68030)

I bought these very recently from a guy that obviously had no idea what they were worth (50 euro's). The a500+ is in exellent condition, I couldn't believe my eyes. The A4000 has two large hard drives (couple gig each) and a cd-rom installed. To bad the diskdrive is dead though. They guy also gave me a perfect condition Amiga monitor, another Amiga monitor (pretty bad condition), one arcade joystick, two amiga mouses, hundreds of disks and an extra diskdrive (it was broke though).
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