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Incredible! It gets better and better with every realese

One suggestion:
Could the language selection tab/button be added?
I'm having the "default", "German" and "Polish" translation files and i could only see texts in english... or more probably - i'm missing something?
Does it recognize my systems default language?

One question:
If i choose the following:
"Host/Output/Ripper/Save Screenshot" it saves to the proper path:
[E:\Emulacja\Commodore\Amiga\Programy\WinUAE-0.9.92\Screenshots\] in my case.

But where does it save if i choose:
"Host/Output/Ripper/ProWizard" and it finds:

[ Module/packer found ]
[ Protracker module ]
[ Do you want to save it? ]
[ Yes ] [ No ] [ Cancel ]

I press [Yes] and it just says:

[ Scan Finished ]
[ OK ]

...i press the button, and... nothing...
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