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So for example a great prog like WHDload (which everyone should register!!) could load the "patch layer" as well as the other bits it needs and bingo.. all your old games still running on your nice new Dragon A1200 system ??
Kind of, in theory, yes its possible

Someone would have to buy Wepl a Dragon system (register more WHDLoad folks!), persuade him to port WHDLoad to it, then either persuade him to extend WHDLoad to include a ColdFire unimplemented instruction exception handler and emulation code or persuade all the patch authors to update their patches to modify the unimplemented opcodes in the games.

I wonder how much faster than an 060 it really is with the "emulation" in place...
Me too. The features that are missing from ColdFire are very commonly used and would take some time compared to the original to emulate. I guess many games would be ultimately limited by custom chipset speed though, unless alexh gets his way

I do wonder tho if it isnt a case of "too little too late"
I think they mentioned they couldnt have done it before now as only the latest ColdFire cores have sufficient 680x0 compatibility to make it feasible.
Maybe v5 will be a full 680x0 clone, except at 500Mhz If they'd just add a MMU and some more addressing modes...
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