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Originally Posted by girv
@methanoid: Elbox must have written (or bought) a missing opcode emulation layer if they have OS3.x booting on the Dragon and I guess it will be transparently used by all OS legal software to run unmodified. Any non-OS legal software will either need to be modified to remove the non-Coldfire instructions or need to install its own emulation layer to handle them.

Its a similar situation to the 060 today as it does not implement all the instructions found on earlier chips, so you need to patch or emulate as I described above. For OS legal software you have emulation layers like CyberPatcher or OxyPatcher and the 68060.library; non OS legal software is generally patched to remove and work around the unimplemented instructions.

But ColdFire is a lot more different to 680x0 than 68060 is to 680x0!
So for example a great prog like WHDload (which everyone should register!!) could load the "patch layer" as well as the other bits it needs and bingo.. all your old games still running on your nice new Dragon A1200 system ??

I wonder how much faster than an 060 it really is with the "emulation" in place...

I do wonder tho if it isnt a case of "too little too late" as this is what Mediator and A1 should have been.....
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