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Originally Posted by fisken uno
While we're talking about trackers etc, a question sprung to my mind; I'm doing most of my feeble tracking attempts in the .xm format (don't know why really), so I just realized that I'm not sure from where this format originates... Is it originally a Fasttracker format or what? Are there any amiga trackers that are supporting this format as well? Maybe this is a dumb question...
As far as I know it is from FastTracker 1, and later ofcourse still used in FastTracker 2.

Since I used Protracker on Amiga, FastTracker was the choice for me. Same interface, mostly the same commands etc. Never liked Screamtracker/IT.

What tracker with Protracker style came first? I remember Noisetracker and Soundtracker, and these were before ProTracker.
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