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Originally Posted by girv
Maybe it was an FPGA then, but it was single chip whatever it was
Looking at the 2000 Boxer board there are THREE FPGA's onboard. Two are relatively large Altera Flex10k's.

If you look at the 1997 Boxer... it's got one Flex10k and a whole A1200 chipset.

I still think it would struggle to get the entire AGA chipset onboard. Perhaps that is why they never got released? They couldnt source enough AGA chips for the 1997 boxer... they tried to develop their own and ran out of time or FPGA space.

Very interesting.

I wonder where those prototype boards are today
More importantly where is the VHDL / Verilog for the AGA implementation? I'd love to get my hands on it.... I was thinking about doing it myself... but if it's already been done (If you cannot tell I am a digital hardware engineer)
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