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@methanoid: Elbox must have written (or bought) a missing opcode emulation layer if they have OS3.x booting on the Dragon and I guess it will be transparently used by all OS legal software to run unmodified. Any non-OS legal software will either need to be modified to remove the non-Coldfire instructions or need to install its own emulation layer to handle them.

Its a similar situation to the 060 today as it does not implement all the instructions found on earlier chips, so you need to patch or emulate as I described above. For OS legal software you have emulation layers like CyberPatcher or OxyPatcher and the 68060.library; non OS legal software is generally patched to remove and work around the unimplemented instructions.

But ColdFire is a lot more different to 680x0 than 68060 is to 680x0!
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