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Originally Posted by girv
Didn't Mick Tinker re-implelent the AA chipset in a single ASIC that ran at 20x the original speed for his BoXeR motherboard project?
There is no way that he could afford an ASIC, perhaps an FPGA, but not an ASIC and I doubt that the size of FPGA's back then could fit the AGA chipset and be cost effective.

Whatever happened to that anyway?
Like all reasonably interesting projects it got canned. Personally I believe that the biggest loss was the Siamese PCI board or "Amiga on a PCI card" product. This would have been very cool today for classic compatibility in both PC's and A1's.

Originally Posted by Photon
I also contend that a PPC computer is not an Amiga, since it's a different architecture and doesn't run Amiga software natively.
I agree that the A1 and the Pegasos are NOT Amiga's. However an A1200 with a Blizzard PPC or an A3000/A4000 with a Cyberstorm PPC most definately ARE Amiga's, they do run Amiga software natively and I think you'll find they are the most common PPC in our community. Sorry if I didnt make myself clear but that is what I was talking about :P
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