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Originally Posted by alexh
Maybe noone has made a faster blitter cos it's got PCI and AGP... so you're gonna have an RTG blitter in the graphics card you buy. Supported cards are 3 generations old (and about 30 UKP) but still MUCH faster than AGA.

See above. It's really let down cos it's too expensive to not be PPC. I would have prefered to see an ultra low cost replacement for blizzard 060 turbo cards which are now becoming way too expensive.
I meant that a lot of effort is going into speeding up the CPU, while the blitter slogs along at its too low MHz and 4-cycle steps. If the blitter was sped up, Amiga programs would be faster. It would be so great if someone could speed up the whole architecture that we love, and not just the CPU. Seems a little overdimensioned right now.

I agree that it's a bit expensive, but I can see why. The market is not as big as the PC market so they have to set the price higher to make their money back for the development. (Unless the higher price prohibits _any_ sales, in which case they won't make a penny back... well that's the Market for ya! )

I also contend that a PPC computer is not an Amiga, since it's a different architecture and doesn't run Amiga software natively. That isn't to say that I think badly of it, any platform that competes with the PC monopoly is worth supporting, and I envy the effort of the guys that developed it!
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