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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
As in Robocop 3, people shouldn't be so quick to brag about their coding 'skills'.
Didn't FFC screw up that crack? FFC seemed to rush out his crack a little to fast. Too bad, since I get the impression he was a good cracker, and also did a few releases on PC.
Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
The fact is, only a competant cracker could come up with a protection system that would seriously challenge another cracker, and seeing as Gaston/Fairlight tried it with Deepcore and that got cracked quickly, I would suggest that no-one out there is ready to say their protection system is 'great'.
I thought it was Ringo Starr who coded that game. I later did a little research, and found out that Classic did crack the game. "what a surprise", I thought.

But, if Gaston coded the game, and Classic released it, who cracked it? As far as I know, Ringo wasn't active during that time? My guess is Mok or NOMAD?

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