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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Yes, lots of development
I'd say the only development, except for the odd bit of home-made software.
I could see people wanting to spead up their 68K Amiga software with a super accelerator
I can see people wanting to run the most amount of Amiga software they can including OS4.
but anything PPC is a waste of cash for a dead architecture.
Dead architecture? Look at what uses PPC today and in the not so distant future... Gamecube, MAC, Playstation 3, X-box2, half of all set-top-boxes.

It aint dead.

This is excellent news. I don't know why you guys are insisting on ppc
Because I feel there are PPC developers out there... both in Amiga land and other platforms, developing the tools and the OS and the apps.
I used a ppc but I never needed or wanted it in fact.
You have too much money if you can afford a PPC accellerator and then not use any PPC native stuff, even for curiosity

I wish Elbox all the best with their sales and hope they do a low cost alternative.
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