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Why do you need a PPC anyway?
Most of todays development is being done on PPC based Amigas, Blizzard PPC, Cyberstorm PPC, A1. If you cannot use this software you cannot take advantage of the hardwork of all the other active Amiga users.

With OS4 and Morphos being PowerPC only I can see Dragon owners being left behind a little.

There is no way Elbox will sell as many Dragons as there are current Amiga PPC cards. Developers wont switch to Dragons. Software will be limited to older 680x0 stuff, a few back ports and whatever Elbox gives you in the way of drivers (i.e. not much)

Like I said in my post if this was a direct replacment for the Blizzard 060, if it were cheap, compatible with 680x0 software, a classic A1200 turbo card in all senses, it would sell loads and be a great product, but it's not

It's a whole new computer with an A1200 interface

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