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Floppy disk New version of Feelin

Gofromiel posts at amigaworld: "Feelin 041218 (08.00) is out !! Major updateFeelin is a new object-oriented system (OOS) for the AmigaOS. It provides two things: A small shared library, fast and powerful (the object-system's core), offering everything needed to create a complete object-oriented environnement ; And an extensible system to create and maintain GUIs. Although Feelin comes with a lot of GUI oriented classes, Feelin is not limited to that, and can be used for a variety of projects. Nothing, in Feelin, is static.

  • XML files support to create applications (called XMLApplications). Applications can be generated on the fly with notify support, object export, data import...
  • Preferences, and particuliarly the update mechanism, have been completely rewritten. Many new Pop classes have also been added (especially the awaited FC_PopFont). A lot of preference groups have been widely enhanced.
  • Servers are no longer supported, they were a trouble than a solution. They are replaced by a muchmore convenient concept : shared objects (FC_AppServer is now a shared object).
  • Dynamic layout adjustement has been improved further : listview's prop are hidden automatically when they are useless... updates are cleaner (only modified objects are redrawn)
  • Disabled state is now fully supported (with a customizable color scheme)...
and as always many more... Give Feelin a Try !"

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