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And Hi again!

Addams family : GRRR, very old jst-version works under CD32-UAE,
but not on the real cd32...
Bosten Bomb Club : I think I checked this already for the 444, and
I think it needed mouse? - recheck
Ugh! : should work in theory, but doesn't (yet...)
Time Scanner : not checked yet...
Any "horror" games : Dracula is included, others may follow?

> your last CD was great

Thanks! I think the games on the 444 will be better as on the 888,
as there were already almost all classics...
But the menu will be much better on the 888.
It'll be hard to gather 444 other working games.
ATM I have about 200 working on cd32-uae (not all tested on real cd32,
but most will work). Crappy war-shooters like Leathernecks probably
will have to be included to reach 444...
(sorry, if s.o. likes Leathernecks, I don't)
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