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Originally Posted by Chuckles
I've been running WinUAE on a PIII/700 for ages now, and with very few exceptions, every game I throw at it runs at full speed without "dumbing down" the configuration, and with plenty of CPU left over. If you have better than a PIII/700 and you can't get that sort of performance, there are probably a host of minor issues in both the PC's configuration, and in the WinUAE configs that are robbing your performance. If you've got a monster machine then great, but don't be so sure you can't get an older machine to run WinUAE quite nicely with a bit of effort.
Well, the latest on this is that I got a nullmodem cable yesterday and managed to get (after a couple of excruiating hours) the Amiga linked with the PC. I've been messing for hours with WinFellow and WinUAE. The main Amiga Explorer WinUAE config file runs like a dream, sure, but I'm after 640x256 and everything seems to crawl along no matter what settings I play with. WinFellow is great, until it freezes using an old Opus.

I'll keep playing with them and hopefully something'll work right. The WinUAE 'laced' workbench screenmode uses some mode called UAEGFX.
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