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Originally Posted by Chuckles
As long as you're making a point of including the PET/Vic20, you might also point out that the original IBM PC, and "ugly ass" CGA graphics weren't around yet either. When the original Apple II and the later II+ (my first computer) started to develop healthy sales numbers in the US, there simply were no realistic alternatives to an Apple here, at least not if you were concerned about being able to find software for it. Once Apple showed that there was a viable market for home PC's, companies such as Commodore, Atari and IBM jumped in to grab their share of the market. To do so, they developed machines that improved on the Apple II's capabilities, naturally.

The II series was still a pretty decent game machine for the time, and it did have a few advantages over some of the others that came later. The one that most comes to my mind is a 2 button joystick, which the Atari and C64 did not have. My favorite game on the Apple II was Lode Runner, and with the 2 button joystick, it was possible to dig a hole behind you even as you were running from a pursuer. Conversions for other machines required you to stop and face in the direction you wanted to dig in, which could easily get you killed.
The only advantage I could think of was the fact that some games were developed for the II first, or only for the II at the time.

Each system had decent games for it, thats the reason I have a IIgs in my collection.

The PC had ugly ass graphics and sound until the PC Jr/Tandy 1000 came along in the 80's. Sixteen color CGA was nice, and tandy sound was not too bad.
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