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Hi, all!
Thank you for replies!
Alien 3 : included in snapshot
Hunter : I'll check this
Infestation : ""
JaguarXJ : wants you to select language with key 1-4 (I hate that )
KillingGameShow : = KGS on the 444
Puffys Saga : I'll check this
SpyVs Spy : think I checked this, but try again?
Warzone : 'll be checked also

Addams family : WHD doesn't work, don't have a crack...
alladin : should get trouble with mem ?
gemX : I think it needs keyboard ? try again
Greatcourts2 (menu?) : is included in the 888-snapshot
Jungle Strike : is on the 444 already (=Jungle)
Super methane bros cd32 (=Methane Bros on the 444, but maybe disk-version?)
Titus the fox: I tried this several times, Moktar also:
both versions do have heavily gfx-errors...?
WormsDC.. : maybe the cd32 version should do the job?

Syndicate is very likely the cd32 version...
I think I tried Logical once, but it didn't work? Recheck...
GRRRRR, Pinball Dreams!!!
GRRRRR, Flashback! (also there seems 2B a cd32-compilation with it?)

Ooops Up : I'm afraid it needs keyboard or mouse... 'll try again!

Alcatraz : is on the snapshot already
Hostages : too
Sierra Soccer : OK, will be included
Rock Star Ate My Hamster : ""
Platoon : is it playable? I think I had it, but it was way too fast (?)

GRRRR, StreetFighter2

Thanks again!
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