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Originally posted by Akira
Anyway, why dont we buy Bubble n Squeak ECS? Codetapper wants to WHDLoad it.
Eh? I thought Bored Seal wanted to WHDLoad it! Unless the project has been swapped across or something. Anyway, I thought the same thing about buying Bubble & Squeak in order to help with the WHD thing.

I'm thinking about buying Exile Discovery Disk (because I haven't seen it on any Amiga game sites at all, and not even the most full-to-the-brim FTPs appear to have it, so it must be one of the rarest Amiga disks ever), Exile AGA (just in case anyone wants to WHDLoad it and they need the original), Exile (Original) (because it's a classic game and well, I feel like I must own it for my Amiga ), & Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (so I can WHD-install it , unless Spokyz puts up a pre-installed version (I hope)).

Apparently Audiogenic mentioned on one page that they might still be selling their 8-bit catalogue as well, it's just that none of the 8-bit titles are mentioned in the main catalogue! I think you're meant to ask them if there's any extra stuff on stock.
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