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Big grin As you all know Woody ONLY USES REAL AMIGA

So I guess I cannot argue about how good an emu engine might be as I,ve never used an amiga one sucessfully on other peoples PC's .

All I will say is if you enjoy taking your time with things the outcome is normally worth it for instance

a] mircrowave fast sausages vs grilled sausages taste wise NO CONTEST microwave tastes sweaty it might with added colouring look the same but NOT an equal contest

b] genuine LEVI 501 original denims vs import copy from ??????? your groin lets you know five minutes after you put them on and try to fasten your shoes the crotch in the copy pair allways splits right up your a**e at the worst possible moment or the zip breaks leavng you having to walk with your hands in front all day

c] Vauxhall/opel Tigra vs Ferrai Dino need I say more ?

Some things that cost more are built to last , others that take longer to achieve are worth the wait because it suits our senses better

Emu Amiga is like a McDonalds Big MAC it has all the ingredients of a tasty meal but seldom is the balance right for each customer , it was Amiga's customisation that gave it an edge in many areas .

But if you need a fast food fix then EMU will do , who knows eventually you might want the real thing again once you realise that emu is just hamburger Not Grilled steak lol

How do you like yours done ?
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