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i recently repaired the disk drive of an amstrad cpc6128 which was taking up valuable space and i was planning to throw away, now i had run an emulator of this machine before... it felt nothing like it... how can an emulator be so boring even having access to any piece of software available on the web
while the real thing that only differed in the way that i had ten 3" disks to work with be so fun ?

but then... that's another story... be it an amiga, an amstrad, a nes or a c64... using the actual thing feels better... maybe it's a pschycological thing (however that's spelled)

as for my miggy
i like the output of my miggy better on my less crispy clear old composite monitor not because it's better... because it reminds me of those days...
(but on another note i have to make do with a scandoubler and the 14" monitor i use for my pc due to lack of space )

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