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Checking my cd32/HD patch dir I can think of the follwing, not 100% they work with out mouse/keyboard.. but at least not that i know of.

Alien 3
Puffys Saga
SpyVs Spy

Games that I've sofar failed to get running on a standard cd32 (kickemu mem prolems most of em) but should work with a normal install crack:
Addams family
Greatcourts2 (menu?)
Jungle Strike
Super methane bros cd32
Titus the fox (Should have workde, maybe I'm too lazy)
WormsDC.. (probably a dead end on 2 meg)

How did you get syndicate playable with out a mouse? CD32 version?
I've been looking for the cdtv version of pinball dreams as well, hoping it would work with a controlpad. Wouldn't get my hopes up, as the CDTV version of Logical uses 1 and 2 button for some selection stuff.. yet another game that would run fine with a minor A/B button select..
Flashback is my biggest grape.. how the **** can you add 2 button controls and NOT map inventory when the gun would work with doubleclick.
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