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@Unknown_K....Ahhh the Atari2600...Do you remember the game Adventure? or Vanguard? or maybe Yar's Revenge? So many memories. I might check out the Atari2600 emulator too, see if my controller works with it. Circus Atari....with the Paddles....What fun!! Definitely difficult to emulate...

@Chuckles..Yep agreed, I emulate the Amiga on my Athlon700Mhz PC with full speed and full graphics. Even Genetic Species runs very well. At one point I was tempted to buy another Amiga, but I don't think I will. The emulator is good enough for me. I played Turrican on the Emulator, and it felt the same, looked the same, sounded the same as when I played it all those egon's ago on my REAL Amiga. I only get the ocassional crash on WinUAE, but I do respect the people who do have a REAL Amiga. I have kept my American SNES and I understand the importance of preserving memories. People keep things for their own reasons, sometimes for programming, sometimes for games, sometimes fond memories, sometimes for collecting. Me, I was more into the games so the Emulator is sufficient enough for me. One thing I do think about is, When I go on Ebay I know what I am getting when I purchase a SNES game...Would I know what I am getting if I purchase an Amiga game? What about the floppy disks, do they still read fine? No read/write errors over time? I remember a long time ago alot of my friends who had Amiga's had problems with Powerpacks overheating due to the Hard disk. I am not critising the Amiga, just making some observations.

Paradroid 90...Didn't have a save feature on the REAL Amiga, but their are Save-States for the Emulator. Has this been rectified for the REAL Amiga?

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PS: Yeah, Datastorm & Paradroid 90 are great game!!

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