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Originally Posted by Chaeo
Well, I've just built this AthlonXP 2ghz and a few days ago I realised I finally had the power to play around with emulators ...
Finally ... had ... the ... power?

I've been running WinUAE on a PIII/700 for ages now, and with very few exceptions, every game I throw at it runs at full speed without "dumbing down" the configuration, and with plenty of CPU left over. If you have better than a PIII/700 and you can't get that sort of performance, there are probably a host of minor issues in both the PC's configuration, and in the WinUAE configs that are robbing your performance. If you've got a monster machine then great, but don't be so sure you can't get an older machine to run WinUAE quite nicely with a bit of effort.

As for the real thing vs. emulation, I enjoy both, and if you have the space I'd always recommend getting the real thing. The machines have a certain feel to them that you just can't emulate. In my basement, besides the PIII/700, I have an Apple IIe, an Apple IIGS, a Mac Color Classic, an Amiga 1000 and an Amiga 2000HD, along with an XBox. All are set up and running, and I have an Apple II+, an Atari 800XL, an Atari 130XE, a couple of old 486's and a Super Nintendo tucked away in a storage area in the house. Wish I could hook 'em all up, but there's only so much you can fit into one area.

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