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I prefer original equipment to emulators. If I have 30 minutes that I want to spend on an Amiga game I want to spend the whole 30 minutes on the game, not 25 minutes configuring the emulator and 5 minutes on the game itself.

Emulaters are great on simple slow systems without custom chips (Like an atari 2600 for example), I have every Atari 2600 game on a CD that gets used on my Dreamcast and they all run fine. The problem is the controller is different and since I used a real 2600 in the 70-80's I don't get the exact experience.

If you took a tour of my basement you would see the following setup and ready to run:
C128, Atari 1040ST, Tandy 1000HX, Apple IIgs, Amiga 1200, Amiga 2000HD, Mac IIfx, Mac 840AV, Mac 7500, Mac 8500, Mac 950. That takes up a bit of space. Under this desk are my 4 PC game machines (386/40, P200MMX, P2-400, XP1500+). And even on my PC's I still have removable HD trays so I can swap out my DOS game drive with my vintage OS/2 drive (or Windows 3.1, Desqview/X, etc) for some specific task.
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