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I originally had an A600, upgraded to 2mb. Then I was given a 1200 for Xmas, god knows how many years ago - that was sold when I got into extreme debt via modems and bbs'ing. Seriously. Bought another 1200 off the market for a 100 quid, sold that not long after. Then bought a 1200 from the local newspaper which came with some Blizzard accelerator (030 I think, I've yet to recheck). I have that now, currently in pieces as I've removed all the keys for a good bleaching lol. The case is nice and clean now thanks to Mr Muscle. Waiting on a mouse and harddrive, should be a few days.

Last time I used this Amiga was roughly 2001, it's been sitting in the loft since then, during which time I was on and off the celeron PC downstairs. Just a few weeks ago my mother paid for all the components of an AthlonXP 2ghz - (Xmas gift, she insisted since I built her the very same thing a few months ago) which is now running smooth and fine, networked with the PC downstairs. A nullmodem cable has been bought to connect this bedroom PC to the Amiga, when the Ami is running again. My external PC modem will be used on the Amiga to run a dialup BBS.

Yeah, I'm not expecting any calls - I'm just suddenly reinterested (that a word?) in learning AmiExpress again. I used to know that BBS software inside-out and am really feeling for the old days again. So all in all, by Xmas I'll have 3 computers running 24/7 in this house. Thankfully I'm holding down a job these days, which should cover the electric bill. As for modeming - I'm on Pipex broadband, so huge dialup bills are history. At some point I'll try and get the Amiga connected via ethernet. If possible. I currently have a 5 port switchbox downstairs for the two PCs. I'd love to see the Amiga on broadband.

Hrm, weird. I'm thinking I only ever had Amiga's. I have a boxed Commodore 64 upstairs (new style model). And a billion years ago I had a Commodore 16. The one time it broke, I had it fixed fairly swiftly, I think it was a broken key - cos I live in Corby and Commodore had a factory just outside the town. Cool stuff.

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