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Amigaboy just a thought about the piracy issue.
I don't mean this to necessarily condone the piracy or start a debate.
But if it wasn't for the cracking of certain titles, we would have never seen their release at all.
Example 1-Great Giana Sisters. A backdown against the bully Nintendo tatics.
Example 2-Gauntlet 3 (for C64). Here was a finished working game that,(& I'm only going off a story in Zzap 64), not released because of problems producing a tape version.
Speaking of which another C64 example was apparently Operation Thunderbolt-the intial version looked excellent but was canned due to mastering problems & a crud rush newly written version was released instead. As far as I know I've never seen that original version anywhere.
If Akira ever finds Putty Squad then this is a similar thing isn't it?
Just a thought-don't flame me!!
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