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Thanks for the comments guys, it really is appreciated.

We (me and DIJ) have some really good ideas for this little venture, ones in which we believe will appeal to those wanting more than what they are getting from the mainstream magazines.

We have a problem though, and that is with only two of us (and the occasional contribution) it is difficult to get these ideas down, what with the rest of life and everything else.

So we really need the informed out there to join up and help us out a little.

Ultimately we would like to have a section devoted every issue to all of the main platforms, with the idea being that everyone involved has a little section to take care of and write for.

It would be wrong of us who are currently working on it to write articles on subjects we really cannot do justice to, so the success of Retro Revival is dependant on the "retro" community getting involved.

Admittedly the "look" of the fanzine is not what we would like, however this will develop over time. The content is the main thing and we feel that we are offering something fresh and interesting to the readers.

So I plead again, if anyone feels that they can contribute, then please, get in touch. It does not have to be 6 pages an issue by any means, but just the smallest article or review would go a long way to making Retro Revival even better.

Once again, thank you for reading it.

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