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Originally Posted by WindowsKiller
So this is what's left from the idea of creating a legal site with scanned magazines...?
Scanning a mag of 140 pages takes around 5-6 hours of repetitive work, besides real-life, some light Tosec contribution, throwing away and selling mangas, school, get some fresh air, converting old VHS tapes to Mpeg/DivX, buying food, going to the toilet and lots of other things.

I came up with the idea, I realized it even if it's not quite what I had in mind and now somebody - probably the one that's currently downloading an issue and will add this one to his own site - is complaining. Hooray.

Since a certain guy closed the GAEB, I lost sight of people that could contribute or help me out otherwise.

Fortunately, I was able to get the permission from two publishers. I also have enough webspace and a suitable domain. Sometime in 2005 I'll start to set up a legal site, but very likely with scans of german magazines only.
So, have you started scanning them already? Or do they shove you all the issues in PDF-format up your ass?
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