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Originally Posted by Tolismlf

What about this? Oh my god what an ugly game! And very unplayable! Looks like an old Speccy game with more colours. Even think i was excited of the cover and bought it original! What a waste of money! I still have the box in my room. Next to Beast 2 original. (Also have the T-shirt!!)
i disagree. also double dragon was grand fun to me.

Alkis21: me too i think some of the best gaming moments i had on amiga were on games with ugly graphics or not coehrent visuals but tricky, smart and yelling at me: Duck Tales, Exterminator (not the bug killing one), Ghostbusters, Lupo Alberto, Legend of Valour, Sky or Die! etc.
But if you want to pick a ugly game by judging gameplay and all, well i think it's really a matter of personal attitudes. i cant remember now a really ugly game.
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