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The whole package definitely feels more polished now but I just canít get used to those animated windows!

Still, itís a step in the right direction. The new wallpaper is stunning, love the boot pics and the colour scheme is working much better. The icons have been tidied and there's a great collection of software; really has a unique feel. Something about the white outlined fonts I donít like however, but that's probably just me.

Using the popup magic menu as a huge program launcher actually works better than I thought and I like the one click activation of items. I'm pleased you've decided to stay clear of the Amistart-bar thing that tries to copy Windows Ė I hate that stuff. A dockbar might be nice however since neither AIAB or ClassicWB offer such a feature.

Overall, legibility has improved and the title bar looks cool, but perhaps itís become a little crowded at 800x600 - it's hard to pick out the available memory.

Really starting to put this together now guys and although I can still see areas for improvement, the workbench is beginning to feel quite cool. Keep up the good work.

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