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Originally Posted by MSC
If so, will it be available for download? (other than emule)
I'd have thought the chances of getting a free & easy 4gb+ download from the web are pretty slim these days. At the end of the day someone has to pay for that 4gb of traffic, unless you happen to "find" a large company with a unsecured FTP

However that doesn't mean it cannot be done. Synchro could either do it himself or he could talk to someone like RCK or Kim Lemon and if they were willing a system could be setup where someone pays (via Paypal) US$2 or something and are then sent a link to download the file. With the money going to pay for the webserver costs/beer. This also applies to Bippy's DVD and any other big project, just an idea - always worth asking RCK/Kim or other peolpe with webspace/bandwith in the community.
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