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Originally Posted by Kim Lemon
You are actually blowing this way out of porportion. During the nearly 8 years Lemon64 has been online, we have banned a total of of approximately seven or eight users including the three or four users I mentioned above.
That's not strictly true.

I think I managed to register about 40 users one night on Lemon64, and they all got banned

But that's only after I started being accused of destroying LemonAmiga (with my piss-taking poll) and not being able to state my side of the story with my original Jim userid (in Lem64) after it got deleted for a reason which must just have been your frustration with my poll on the EAB.

I had no problems with you until then, my only problems before that was lemonamiga just being a forum with no useable website and users talking about the same things and copying post ideas from EAB.

But surely now I deserve a whole heap of thanks, because that poll gave you the kick up the ass and the determination needed to make a proper site and not just a forum

I wonder if the lemon-meltdown & resurrection hadn't happened in the way it did if lemonamiga would still now be a quiet forum and you'd still be drinking beer and occasionaly working on launching a proper site? I'm not accusing you of being lazy, I know exactly what it's like - I'm supposed to be making a site but have taken time-out to write this......after taking time-out to sort through my MP3 collection for a old tune I wanted to listen too.....after taking time-out for lunch.....

I'll be the first to admit now that lemonamiga has launched for real the site is actually quite good. OK, The Superfrog design is not original, you're using heaps of lemon64 code but the abilitiy to easily comment on games, write reviews etc... is something I like. You're missing some games but in my opinion that's better than having too many games - I suffer from information overload sometimes.

I'm sure you've noticed I've probably written about 50+ comments/votes to your site.

I still have issues with the forum, and it seems certain users on there have issues with me.

Whilst they might accuse the EAB people of being rude/harsh/unfriendly I think you have the reverse of this problem on there. People are too afraid to state opinions, everybody agrees with everybody or if they don't the disagreement is usually posted after a series of apologies and with a trail of further apologies posted after just for good measure.

I have yet to see any of the examples Burseg was talking about re-occuring but I suppose only time will tell if things really have changed. Now the question is, after I've said all you ban me!?
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