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Originally Posted by ParallaxScroll
If you want to be mistreated for no reason, if you would like your posts disappear in secrecy because kim wills it but is too afraid to tell you, if you want to be banned with no reason because your opinions are unliked, if you want to be insulted by zealots even long after you are gone, if you want to receive an automated invitation mail after all these bullshit, don't waste moment. Join the dictatorship.
I think ParallaxScroll has pretty much summed my point up, in his own way ofcourse. You aren't being unliked for no reason, because you look funny or smell different. You are unliked because of your actions, actions that you have not and are not taking ANY responsibility for. It really is a waste of time talking to you about it

Sings: People are strange when you're a stranger.

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