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Originally Posted by Kim Lemon
That is a lie, and you probably know it yourself. Lemon Amiga only has one banned user, and unfortunately I had to ban his whole ISP as he kept coming back and registering with various nicks and doing major abuse. I feel very unfortunate for the people who use the same ISP as this member, but I had no choice as there was some very nasty personal attacks from this member.

I don't know your math skills, but 1 banned member out of 362 members surely isn't 50%, right?
First tinky winky, you are too slimy to ban people publicly. You first remove the ability to post then BLOCK IP RANGES. You would never announce your action yourself because it is not justifiable, at least not justifiable by logic.

Second dipsy, you ban people merely because they, in a civil manner disagree with your cheap lies and masturbation regarding the greatness of your non existant website. This is what you call major abuse.

Third laa-laa, while you are lying about the number of banned users and don't expect me do define lemon amiga independent of lemon 64. In any case the nnumber of banned users does not refer to anything since you are acting as a 10 year old spoiled kid playing dictatorship and your decisions are in no way related to justice. I have been mistreated previosly on lemon amiga and you did nothing about that. Not that I expected any better.

Fourth po, you are making up illogical forum rules and change them on the fly. If you see something you don't like, you can define it as a banning reason even though it is also questionable regarding your very own rules. After the banning I had a good laugh and re-registered once in order to continue my expressions and yes, in order to annoy you because you are running the forum purely based on the direction of the wind and deserve no justice or respect from me in return. While you could simply explain that you did not want me to continue contacting you or interacting with the forum by admitting that logical justifications were not in your book, you instead felt the need to accuse me of breaking the forum rule that was about registering with multiple nicknames in order to post under different identities.

You are still a slimy liar and it won't get any better.

If you want to be mistreated for no reason, if you would like your posts disappear in secrecy because kim wills it but is too afraid to tell you, if you want to be banned with no reason because your opinions are unliked, if you want to be insulted by zealots even long after you are gone, if you want to receive an automated invitation mail after all these bullshit, don't waste a moment. Join the dictatorship.

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