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Originally Posted by Peanutuk
Kinghts of the sky - I played demo but never played the full verison on the Amiga and I can't getting wprkig on th emu.
Any help apprecited.
I checked my copie of KOTS (I have a cracked Tosec version, and copies of my own original game...) and they all crash at the stage where the introductory movie should play, either with a guru, or because it thinks there isn't enough memory installed...

... well, almost all of them. I can get the game working under the profile below; try it and see if it works for you!

As for the actual topic at hand... er, can't really think of any, to be honest; Perhaps Super Stardust, because Amiga Power kept raving about it, and reminding everyone to buy it. Never did though. Guardian too, but that was because I had neither A1200 nor CD32... now I have it for emulation however, I can't be assed! :
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