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Originally Posted by Bloodwych
It does feel oldschool so you've succeeded in that quest - even down to annoyingly trying to click on the part of the screen you actually want to select and a repeatable tune that never seems to stop.
Well, at least I did add some features that make your life a lot easier than it used to be in retro games.. like the 'Exit' icon (believe me, not easy to code), the inventory item hotspot dot, the "cursor has a transparent spot through which you can look at the thing you want to click on" feature, and I do believe I eliminated pixel hunting as much as possible.

Hopefully no spoilers will be posted here, although a friendly competition claiming how far people have delved into the adventure would be nice.
Good point. I even wanted to start a competition with gifts for people who completed it first, but the password to the walkthrough became available on internet sites an hour after the game was uploaded! So much for that idea.
By the way, already 496 people have downloaded it since Wednesday!
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