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Managed to get the game working fine alkis. First impressions:

I'm up to 40/800 (the part just after visiting my air-head sister) in the first little sesh. Very nice game with humorous touches - like not being able to move the foam whilst having a bath!

The computer login screen is also nice touch – I think that would have been an ideal opportunity for a little infomercial. Perhaps EAB forum popping up? Or WinUAE?

It does feel oldschool so you've succeeded in that quest - even down to annoyingly trying to click on the part of the screen you actually want to select and a repeatable tune that never seems to stop.

Hopefully no spoilers will be posted here, although a friendly competition claiming how far people have delved into the adventure would be nice.

Great individual effort! I encourage everyone here to try this out.
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