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Originally Posted by Codetapper
Another World: Running along after escaping the cage, bending down and picking up the gun and while kneeling, blowing away a few baddies! So fluid and the joystick movements are perfect!

Flashback: Doing just about any of the moves - particularly hiding up against a wall then doing a roll and while crouching firing off a few shots - wicked!
Don't forget Prince of Persia, will ya

Perfect way of moving - like a real human being.
That was really bond-breaking in about 1990.

Some fighting moves?
Well, I'd name the fighting (combat) mode in Chambers of Shaolin, for instance.
Cool moves, and sounds (especially the "HOOH" )

The "AAARGH" in Magic Pockets got widely copied a lot, too.

And "Ooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" in P. P. Hammer could also be considered "cool".

Last: BATTLE CHESS! Absolutely every move and sound is cool as hell!

OK, that's about it now!

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