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Other Worlds is released! Download inside

I'm happy and proud to give you:

I can't believe it's finally ready. The concept was born after reading a phrase in a Stephen King's Dark Tower novel in 1997: "Go on then, there are other worlds than this". I thought that phrase was so powerful I could easily produce a whole story from it.

For those of you who don't know (very few I bet, I've been bugging you about my game for quite some time now):

Other Worlds is a traditional game which took me 3.5 years to complete. It is a 3rd person, point & click adventure that looks and plays like the late 80s Sierra / LucasArts productions. My intention was to create the best amateur freeware game ever (in terms of gameplay; no way I can compete with Tierra's graphics, sound or animation).


-More than 150 locations to explore
-More than 40 characters to interact with
-Dozens of inventory items
-The infamous A.L.K.I.S. interface (A.L.K.I.S. stands for Advanced Language Kit and Interface System)
-An intriguing, humorous story full of surprises and plot twists
-A large number of challenging puzzles

It is a fantasy story of a young woman going on a quest to find her missing friend, and discovering a lot more.
You can read a Preview here:

Ok then, what are you waiting for? Go to to download it. I hope you will find it was worth the wait.
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