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Just downloaded it now and had a quick go. I canít review it properly yet as I donít have a joystick handy that will do the game justice.

First impressions howeverÖ

Öis itís absolutely superb! This is up there among the best remakes ever for a modern PC! It feels so much like the original and the graphics work perfect. Booted it up and no problems (WinME, AthlonXP, Radeon 8500) Ė no bloat at 11MB and the graphics at the default setting of 640x480 are great. Havenít tried higher resolutions yet.

I might have to get a joystick working on the PC just for this. Brilliant work. The potential for this is huge.

Only thing that is annoying is the packer warning and cycling through the credits on boot, however I can understand why you did this on a beta as no one ever reads the credits.

Like I said, canít comment on playability yet until I get a joystick. Keyboard just wonít cut it. I'm sure it'll end up being spot on however since you are a world champ.

Canít believe youíve more or less done this yourself. Give yourself a huge pat on the back.
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