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Well, the thing about Schwartz is; the thing you have to REMEMBER about Schwartz is- is that he's never gone too far out of his way to hide his pervosity. It's pretty clear that he was into the furry fetishist subculture long before anyone knew it existed; he's got a "rep" that goes back for about a decade.

While cartoon porn itself is by it's very nature harmless no matter the content, it can harm it's creator's career irreversably, especially if the cartoonist in question is trying to find work in the States. Schwartz would have stood a good chance of getting a job in the animation or comics industry had he kept a better lid on his kinks; Gateway in fact considered bringing him on board back in the dizzay but they found out about his furry antics and decided it was too risky.

It was only downhill from there folks. With this site it looks like he's slowly beginning to come to terms with the fact that he's pretty much blown it as far as creating anything meaningful to anyone who never owned an Amiga or never shared his fetish.
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