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Very well written article; thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Nice of you to add the links too. Since Paul’s guide offers detailed step-by-step information, it’s a definite must!

A few comments:

I've heard before that the U in UAE first stood for "unusable" like you said, but where does "Ubiquitous" fall into the picture? I've never heard it standing for Unix.

I agree, AmigaSYS isn’t polished yet and we offered a few suggestions in this thread.

Although the development team seem a bit shy on EAB, it seems likely they’re listening as version 1.5 addressed some of the issues.

I think it would be nice of them to place AIAB author James in the credits, just as he requested in the above thread. Perhaps on the webpage where the rest of the authors' names are mentioned - it does appear as if they've used a similar install script to AIAB and taken a little inspiration from his earlier project.

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