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I read so often about how artists struggle to get paid for their original work and it doesn't matter whether we are talking art, literature or music finding a paying job or commision is all part of the struggle.

Its easy to critisise those you believe have "sold out" but praise from the "FEW" doesn't pay the bills.

Striking a balance between doing something you enjoy and getting paid for it is often a question of current media fashion , it is understandable that many feel disilusioned their "Hero" is doing mild cartoon porn but surely thats up to him isn't it?

Lets face it the web is full of part time hobby sites , whose owners would love to get discovered to make money out of their ideas,but with so much for free how do you get paid?

Are you expected to stand begging bowl in hand and ask for donations? so you can continue your pure poor artisits struggle ?

Or do you wrestle with your concience to find a compromise, after all this is just my opinion and since long ago Eric moved away from pure Amiga projects it shouldent matter what comercial enterprises he enters providing its NOT ilegal.

Because non of us can live by past reputation alone
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