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There are various bugs in Ambermoon (English version) which was never officially released, but released by myself and my Thalion Webshrine in 1998 after I got the Authors to hunt around the attic.

Because it had never been beta tested (unlike the released german version) a few bugs had slipped through.

I dunno if anyone is interested but here is a list of all the ones I've found and with help fixed, although as no-one ever volunteered to test the patch I never released it.

1) Burnville - Map labels in German
2) Snakesign - Map labels in German
3) Newlake - Map labels in German
4) LUMINOR's TOWER 3 - text on the door to Valdyn causes crash
5) BEAST's CAVE - Skeleton's text causes crash
6) PALACE OF PELANIS - bad German -> English translation imposible hint
7) TEMPLE OF GALA - crystal ball's text causes crash
8) TEMPLE OF GALA - bad German -> English translation impossible hint
9) ILLIEN - riddlemouth in SE corner cannot be answered due to two "ring" in the dictionaryenglish.file
10) WHIRLPOOL - missed textblock causes crash
11) LYRAMION [0,0] - bug when sailing/flying near this point causes crash
12) SAND LIZARD - untranslated from German 'SANDCHSE'
13) SANSRIE'S TUNNEL - SANSRIE'S KEY doesnt open tunnel door
14) PELANIS - Several entries refer to 'PELANIS' as 'PELANI'
15) SANSRIES TEMPLE - mismatched textures between 2nd and 3rd and 1st and second floors ( down has stairs going up and up has stairs going down )
16) ILLIEN : 'Lendrai's Magic Weapon: open 9 AM to 7 PM' should be '9 AM to 5 PM'
17) WINDGATES : Bitmap corruption at Gemstone (310;736) and Illien (283;250)
18) ($B4) vs ($27) - All the 'S places i.e. WITCH's HOUSE had a ($B4) instead of a ($27) hence didnt show up as "'S"
19) LIBARY - typo in dictionary file, LIBARY instead of LIBRARY
20) MOP - "Mother-o-pearl chai" instead of "MOTHER OF PEARL CHAIN"
21) "CHAMBERS OF THE HEAD PRIEST" : word too long for map view
22) Zombie Meister - not translated from German 'MASTER'
24) Thieves' Guild shop : Open from 1PM to 8PM should be "1 AM to 8 AM"
25) Father Antonius mismatch - Bad translation to Anthony.
26) Lebab's Tower Brass - "hangs a parchment::" too many ":"
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