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Hired Guns is difficult to judge, it is essentially a technical game allowing for the interaction of four players either individually or as a group. When it was released, it was new and refreshing. The sound was terrific. The problem or flaw with Hired Guns is that if you lose three of your characters the game became impossible to complete, why? Because you needed a least two characters to operate certain puzzles. I remember entering one level seeing enemies all around me thinking....get'em!! Then I fired...oooops!! I just killed one of my own characters...

Another time, moving so quickly to dodge an enemy only to fall into a bottomless pit.

I don't like to critise it too much because it was a worthwhile game.

Marco are you a sales representative for Psygnosis?

Psygnosis for me are remembered for their graphics and intro sequences..To me, they were the technical greatness of the Amiga demonstrating what the Amiga could do with effort.

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