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Interesting Bloodwych, I remember all those games on the AtariST too. I'm sure Dungeon Master was more difficult on the ST. Did the Pink Worms Re-generate on Level 3? Falcon on the ST was too difficult for me, I couldn't land the F-16....but on the Amiga version I clocked up more than 400 merits points quite easy, the landing was far easier....very strange. Gauntlet , I remember playing the game in the Arcades for ages. Then suddenly one day I went down to the Arcades and their was Gauntlet II.....All my friends didn't know and we chose the characters as in the first game not realising that we could chose any of them on any controller. Gauntlet on the AtariST looked Amazing....I mean really amazing for it's time. It was a pity is was soooooo slow when the screen was filled with monsters...but the graphics WOW!! Super Sprint & Xenon were great too. I actually liked Xenon II on the ST more than the Amiga.

For all you crackers out their....Did anyone manage to crack Dungeon Master Original Release version for the AtariST. People said it was too difficult. I know the Amiga version was crackable....I am talking about the Original Release AtariST Version. I remember my father trying to crack it, it would keep spinning the drive and doing some very strange behaviour. Sometimes it would ask for the Original Dungeon Master disk to be inserted. It was so might be going down a corridor and it would spin the drive, then spin again, then do it when a torch goes out...My father said it was the best protected game. We bought the Original, definitely one of the best games for the ST. BTW, I bought alot of original games!!

Funny, I didn't have a speccy but I played Gauntlet on it. It was actually pretty good too.

Yeah your right Bloodwych, at some point you had to let the ST go. A great machine, but the Amiga was getting ever so popular. They are both great machines...
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